COVID-19 Return-to-Racing Guidelines

When the COVID-19 Virus was announced and disrupted everyone and everything, we immediately began researching ways to put on a safe event, keeping athletes, volunteers and the public at large safe. We had conversations with municipal leaders, county health department staff, medical professionals and fellow race directors. Our race director, Ron Knoll, personally served on the “Michigan Outdoor Recreation Reopening Workgroup”. This workgroup was coordinated by the Michigan DNR. The leader of this workgroup from the DNR is also a very accomplished mountain bicyclist and trail runner which validated he and the DNR’s understanding of outdoor athletic events and how to safely put them on. This group included 80 individuals from various sources including race directors, camp ground associations, municipal parks department heads State organizations (L.E.O., L.A.R.A., MIOSHA, DNR, Attorney General Office and MDHHS) and outdoor activity organizations. This workgroup developed protocols to safely put on outdoor events. These protocols were sent to the Governor’s office for review, consideration and implementation. We also received “COVID-19 Return to Racing Protocols” from numerous running and triathlon governing bodies including USA Triathlon, USAT&F, International Triathlon Union, U.S. Olympic Committee and Running USA.

After thorough review of ALL the information at our disposal, we drafted our “COVID-19 Return to Racing Protocols”. These were then submitted to the Village and County Health Department for review. We received approval and strong compliments on the thoroughness of our protocols. Below is a link to our protocols and athlete guide for your review. These protocols and guidelines will be strictly enforced and followed by ALL participants and volunteers.